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INTJenuity enables your team to plan, innovate, and solve problems, better and faster, with guaranteed results.

INTJenuity delivers world-class facilitation and innovative workshop services to help your team accomplish more.

  • Enable your team to see the big picture.
  • Get everyone on the same page.
  • Dig deep to find and remove obstacles beneath the surface.
  • Develop consensus to make changes stick.
  • Build passion and teamwork to innovate and improve.
  • Discover and leverage the collective wisdom of your team.
  • Align actions with priorities and team commitment, for real results.

  • INTJenuity enables strategy, transformation and action through our unique and cost-effective team workshops, facilitation and strategy services.

    The INTJenuity Workshop Method is an innovative, proven approach for accelerating clarity, consensus, priorities, decisions and actions on complex challenges.... using what your team already knows. In a one-day workshop, your team can make more progress on your toughest problems than they may have accomplished in months. Through a series of these workshops, the most complex issues can be deconstructed, and robust strategic and tactical plans can be built.

    We're so confident you'll see immediate value from our process, we guarantee your satisfaction with our services.

    While we assist clients with a broad range of problems, we have a set of focused services to help CIOs and other IT leaders address some of their unique challenges.

    INTJenuity Big Picture Workshop

    Use innovative mind mapping technology and expert facilitation to build intense understanding of the issue at hand, and what to do about it.

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    INTJenuity Deep Dive Workshop

    Often used to "drill down" after a Big Picture Workshop. Employs intensive team collaboration methods to surface the details and build consensus on actions.

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    INTJenuity Strategy Services

    INTJenuity crafts the right strategic planning or strategy development approach for your needs, and creates consensus to drive success.

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    Why Team Consensus Matters

     I have quite a few conversations about the role of a facilitator, and participatory leadership. One topic frequently comes up: “Paul, why do you use this word ‘consensus’ all the time, when we’re never going to get everyone to agree? A strong leader’s role is to make decisions and drive a team forward to success, even […]

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    In Startups, Alignment is Natural

    This was the observation of a colleague, when we were recently discussing alignment. “Yes, of course,” was the best response I had at the time. But later, as I reflected on it, I realized this was a significant insight. And that there’s quite a bit to be learned from it. I’ve had the good fortune […]

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    Planning to Plan: Aligning Priorities, Part 2

    In my last post, I talked about the importance of a shared context, as a prerequisite for building consensus around a team’s priorities to move forward. I also reviewed some approaches to leading the team through developing this shared context. This shared context needs to include an understanding of: what we really do what we […]

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    Planning to Plan: Aligning Priorities, Part 1

    In the introduction to my “Planning to Plan” series, I proposed that leaders ask themselves a few tough questions about last year’s plan: Did we have a clear, compelling and attainable vision of what we wanted to accomplish? Did our team truly and deeply believe in what we were doing, and why? Did we clearly identify our priorities, and what was “out […]

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    Results Guaranteed.

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