What We Do


For Everyone:

INTJenuity “supercharges” your problem solving, innovation, process improvement and strategic planning initiatives, with immediate results, at reasonable cost. 

We strive to be best in the world at enabling teams to truly collaborate, better and faster. We apply a unique blend of innovative and proven methods, based on findings from neuroscience, psychology and team sociology, to help teams perform at heightened levels of creativity, collaboration, strategic thinking and commitment to act.

For Managers and Teams:

INTJenuity makes your “special” team meetings more collaborative, more effective, and more actionable. We get everyone on the same page, and uncover the underlying pain points, perceptions, expectations and contradictions that are hurdles to success. Our approach builds strong consensus within your team on solutions and actions. As a result, your team will be committed to action and accountable for results.

The INTJenuity Workshop Method, delivered by our master facilitators, works like a supercharger for your innovation, problem solving and planning processes. While a series of our Big Picture and Deep Dive workshops can be used to solve complex problems, they’re not designed to be a replacement for what you already know and do well. We help you get the most value and effectiveness from all your team members, by “supercharging” their ability to deconstruct problems, envision solutions, prioritize actions, and reach consensus.

Our clients use us to plan and deliver quarterly meetings, annual kickoffs, and special project meetings with maximum impact and effectiveness. We deliver mentoring services to enable your team to become more more effective facilitators, and carry forward the success of our initial workshops.

For Executives, Boards and Governance Groups:

INTJenuity plans and facilitates strategy development, strategic planning, and problem solving “offsite” meetings that are focused, effective, efficient and rewarding. We bring decades of strategic planning expertise to design a program to meet your objectives and your unique requirements. We combine our innovative methods with facilitation best practices to ensure your valuable time is well invested, with the outcomes you require. We provide coaching services to help executives become better participative leaders.

For Consultants:

INTJenuity enables you to take your client engagements to the next level, by making collaborative meetings have more impact with less stress. Our world-class facilitators and innovative methods improve your client’s experience in team workshop activities. We’re not looking to replace traditional consultants, analysts, or services firms… you play a valuable role for your clients. Instead, we enable you to act as a subject matter expert in workshop sessions, instead of a facilitator, highlighting your thought leadership and accelerating the delivery of valued findings and recommendations.

For Product and Services Businesses:

INTJenuity enables your team to deliver high value, differentiated, interactive customer experiences through our Custom Workshop services. We work with your team to design specialized, focused workshops and events that meet your customers needs and align with your marketing strategies. Our facilitators can deliver these workshops, or enable your team to deliver them at scale. Our clients use these services to produce high-impact special events, targeted conference sessions, and focused customer workshops that have maximum impact.

For Facilitators:

INTJenuity provides tools, training and coaching to enable you to apply our innovative methods for your clients. Bring the power of Big Picture digital mind mapping to your audiences, to improve the impact and efficiency of your facilitation practice. INTJenuity presented our methods at the International Association of Facilitators North American conference in May 2015, to an enthusiastic audience and strong positive feedback. See how our methods can work for you!