The Tools

Our tools help make an INTJenuity workshop an experience participants will remember.

Mind Maps and the Big Picture Projection System

The visual experience is key to the Big Picture Workshop.Healthcare_Mindmap_v1 We build a highly detailed visual “mind map” in real time, and display it on a huge screen in high definition. This enables the team to see the most content, while maintaining the context of the big picture.

To make this happen, we use a variety of innovative mind mapping tools, including XMind and Mindjet MindManager. Because most meeting rooms don’t have a suitable projection system, we bring our own. We’ll setup a large projection screen – minimum 10′ diagonal, even bigger for larger rooms and groups. We also setup a super-bright, high-definition projector. This equipment is expensive and takes extra time and effort to setup, but it’s part of what makes the workshop so effective.

The Sticky Wall

The Deep Dive Workshop leverages a structured card sorting method to drive team collaboration and consensus. These cards are organized on a “sticky wall”, a large piece of fabric coated with a dry adhesive. This is affixed to the wall using Command™ damage-free adhesive tabs. We have sticky walls of different sizes to accommodate rooms and sessions of varying sizes. The sticky wall enables a very fluid, organic collaboration process for cluster mapping and process improvement that other technologies have not been able to duplicate.