The Process

Before the Workshop

Engaging INTJenuity begins with a no-cost initial consultation, to discuss your specific needs and determine how our services may best be applied to fit you requirements. If we believe our services can help you achieve your objectives, we will recommend one or more workshops, ala carte facilitation services, or a strategic planning engagement, as appropriate. We will also provide a preliminary cost estimate at this time. In many cases, we’ll use a combination of Big Picture and Deep Dive workshops to achieve optimal results.

If you are interested in proceeding with a workshop, we will provide a simple statement of work for your review and acceptance. This enables us to schedule the workshop(s) and begin the workshop planning process.

We will schedule a kickoff and planning meeting for approximately 1 week prior to the workshop date. This meeting, typically 60-90 minutes in duration, enables us to fully establish the context for the session, identify attendees, identify an appropriate location, and set participant expectations for the workshop and outcomes.

The Workshop

The day of the workshop, we’ll arrive early to setup our tools.

When it’s time to start, we’ll handle introductions of the facilitator and participants, and we will discuss objectives, schedule for the day, and expected flow of the workshop. We ask the session sponsor to speak for a few minutes on objectives / “why we’re here”.

While the processes and tools for the Big Picture and Deep Dive workshops are quite different, they are both very engaging and participative by design. Both workshops begin and end with a team discussion that drives input from and consensus among all participants.

The typical workshop session lasts 4-7 hours, depending on the size of the team and the scope of the workshop.

After the Workshop

We’ll schedule a Results Meeting following the workshop, typically within one week. Prior to the results meeting, the INTJenuity team will complete deliverables from the session, including mind maps and/or “sticky wall” output developed in the workshop, and an executive summary of findings and actions.

In the results meeting, we’ll review these deliverables with the workshop sponsor and other appropriate attendees, and discuss any recommendations we may have for next steps. A typical results meeting is 90-120 minutes long.