Welcome to a Better Way

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

– some smart person (probably not Albert Einstein)

If your current approach to solving problems isn’t getting it done, maybe you should take a different approach.

Welcome to INTJenuity. We’re here to help you solve your big problems, chart your new strategies, improve your key processes, and accelerate innovation in your organization. It’s what we love doing, and we’re great at it.

Our services are powered by the Intjenuity Workshop Method, an innovative, proven approach for accelerating clarity, consensus, priorities, decisions and action on complex problems. In a one-day workshop, your team can make more progress on your Big Challenges than you may have made in six months with your current approach. Through a series of these workshops, the most complex issues can be addressed, and great strategic plans can be built and brought to life.

The Intjenuity Workshop Method applies a combination of technology, psychology, interactive tools and a master facilitator to get surprising results in a surprisingly short time. It’s not magic… but it feels like it sometimes.

We’d love to help you. We’re so confident we can, we unconditionally guarantee our services. If, after one of our workshops, you don’t believe we delivered the value we promised, you owe us nothing. But that never happens. 🙂