Taking Our Innovative Methods to Banff!

iaf-member-logo-croppedINTJenuity has been invited to demonstrate and train on our innovative Big Picture Workshop methods at the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) North America Conference in Banff, Canada in May 2015. 

The IAF is a professional association that sets internationally accepted industry standards, provides accreditation, supports a community of practice, advocates and educates on the power of facilitation and embraces the diversity of facilitators and methods of facilitation around the world. The IAF has over 1200 members in more than 63 countries.

The IAF North America Conference is among the largest annual gatherings of facilitation professionals in the world. Professional facilitators flock to the IAF conference to share innovative methods and best practices, advance the art and science of facilitation, and network with like-minded professionals.

Paul Penny’s session, “Facilitating with Digital Mind Maps,” was selected from nearly 60 proposals for inclusion in the track for innovative facilitation methods. This is further validation of INTJenuity’s thought leadership in the field of facilitation, and the broad applicability of our methods.

The immersive two hour session will demonstrate the Big Picture Workshop method in action, facilitating exploration of the method itself, and include participative brainstorming on innovative applications for this technique. Participants will gain a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges for facilitative digital mind mapping, as well as best practices for tools and methods to enable maximum impact for clients.

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