Problems Solved

We’ve applied our methods and skills to innovate, plan and solve problems in a broad array of contexts… and the list grows with every engagement. Our approach works anywhere you may need to solve a big problem, develop a new strategy, define requirements, improve a process, build a plan, or reach consensus on what to do. Using what your team already knows. 

Here are some examples:


Challenge: Build an action-based strategic plan for a new venture, and achieve stakeholder consensus to drive it forward. Solution: Employ an initial INTJenuity Big Picture Workshop with a strategic planning framework to establish goals, context, known factors, constraints and actions. Then follow with a series of Big Picture and Deep Dive workshops to further deconstruct, envision, and develop each key component of the strategic plan, using methods to build and maintain consensus across the management team.
Challenge: Develop consistent, scalable, global processes to enable rapid, profitable business growth. Solution: Comprehensive series of workshops utilizing Journey Wall, Big Picture, Deep Dive, and Action Planning methods to build a global process improvement team, establish consensus on the current state and opportunities for improvement, and construct a roadmap for success.
Challenge: Understand the scope, complexity, and priorities for consolidating IT infrastructure from a business merger, and align the IT management team behind required actions. Solution: Employ the INTJenuity Big Picture Workshop to deconstruct and document all the known elements, risks and activities required, prioritize, and plan action; leverage consensus-building methods to ensure the team was committed to action.
Challenge: Understand and plan the transition of an existing data analytics service offering, to leverage new technology and out-flank competitors. Solution: Employ the INTJenuity Big Picture Workshop to understand key current capabilities and constraints, and develop team consensus on tactical and strategic actions to move the service forward.
Challenge: Understand the business and technical drivers and constraints behind an initiative to leverage cloud computing technology, to manage risk and ensure a successful transition. Solution: Employ the INTJenuity Big Picture Workshop with all key stakeholders to identify relevant requirements, constraints and risks; to identify candidate applications for migration; and to plan further detailed analysis and testing where required.
Challenge: Integrate data management personnel and policies across a large consolidated clinical trials organization, and develop a master index scheme to organize millions of disparate documents. Solution: Employ advanced envisioning and collaboration methods to understand current state, constraints, requirements, potential solutions, and to build consensus around a preferred solution that met the requirements.
Challenge: Align a large IT organization behind a strategy to consolidate data centers while mitigating key risks. Solution: Employ the INTJenuity Big Picture Workshop to capture current state, risks, constraints, and future state requirements, while building consensus and commitment on required actions.
Challenge: Drive team consensus on embracing organizational and technology changes needed to meet rapidly evolving healthcare regulatory and cost requirements. Solution: Employ the INTJenuity Big Picture Workshop to identify and prioritize opportunities to transform, and establish an action plan to move the initiative forward.
Challenge: Break through organizational inertia that solving DR problems was 'impossible' due to past constraints and failures. Solution: Utilize INTJenuity Big Picture and Deep Dive workshops to enable the team to move beyond past limitations, define requirements and potential solutions, and build an actionable plan that was viable with current constraints.
Challenge: Develop an internal and external crisis communications plan for a Financial Services provider. Solution: Employ the INTJenuity Big Picture Workshop to move beyond entrenched thinking, identify key stakeholders, information requirements and workflows, and develop a straightforward and impactful approach to internal and external crisis communications.
Challenge: Improve IT service delivery and customer perceptions. Solution: Use the INTJenuity Big Picture Workshop to surface and understand key stakeholder expectations and perceptions, then develop an actionable plan to close service level gaps and improve communications.