Using the Mind Map Notepad

So I got one of these nifty notepads… what do I DO with it?


Whatever you want… it’s your notepad! But here are some suggestions.

Mind mapping is a great way to organize your thoughts. Those might be thoughts about a big project, or something you’re reading, or a presentation you’re attending, or a crazy new idea you’re trying to get your arms around. You can sketch out a mind map on any piece of paper (and many of us do!), but sometimes it’s helpful to have a little structure to work within. That’s why I made these pads.


Put the main topic or main idea you’re dealing with in the center box (in mind mapping parlance, it’s a “node”). Then use each outlying node to capture one key concept, idea, or category. Use the lines on the left and right to capture more details about each of the key ideas. See how I did that above, with Mind Mapping as the main topic?

How could you use this right now, during a presentation? Something like this…


And if one of today’s presentations gave you an idea for a new project, or strengthened your resolve to focus on an existing project, you could capture a simple “charter” for the project like this…


It’s easy! And the results are easier to remember, and easier to share with others… use your mind map as visual talking points, as you introduce others to your thinking.

If you’re like me, you’ll find yourself using mind maps to organize much of your thinking. If you want more of these notepads, just ask. You can also contact me or explore my blog for more ideas on using mind mapping software for more detailed maps.

Mind mapping also works wonders when done interactively with a group, as a tool for getting everyone “on the same page.” That’s the idea behind INTJenuity’s Big Picture Workshop, and we’ve used it to help dozens of organizations get their arms around big problems, and what to do about them.