Mentoring & Coaching Services

Our initial workshop was a success, and you see the opportunity to apply these methods to transform how you and your team communicate, collaborate, plan, and solve problems. 

INTJenuity enables you and your team to carry forward and expand on the success of our initial workshops, through individualized mentoring and coaching services.

While some clients leverage INTJenuity facilitators on an ongoing basis to drive periodic workshops and “big meetings”, most would also like to replicate the impact of these events across many of their “everyday” meetings and activities. CoachingCurve

INTJenuity Mentoring Services deliver one-on-one and small group instruction, focused on facilitation best practices and INTJenuity’s innovative methods. We teach your team to do what we do, by doing it. Programs are tailored to your specific environment, needs, and existing competencies. We work with participants to co-design and co-deliver workshops and meetings, developing their confidence and capability to become better facilitators.

INTJenuity Coaching is a one-on-one, regularly scheduled session with a manager or executive, focused on the challenges and opportunities for participative leadership. Through asking the right questions, and leading discussion on approaches and solutions, INTJenuity helps leaders overcome roadblocks, develop new thinking, and build approaches for leading their teams to accomplish more.