INTJenuity Strategy Services

INTJenuity crafts the right strategy development or strategic planning approach for your business or organization, and drives team consensus behind the actions necessary to make your strategy a success. 

strategy-designStrategic planning is not one-size-fits-all. The breadth, depth, duration, and structure of plans vary greatly, depending on the needs of the organization. What is right for a Fortune 500 business doesn’t fit a small community organization – and vice versa.

When it comes to strategic planning, all organizations have different starting points. Some have well established and proven strategies, and are looking to define specific actions for the planning period. Others may have a loosely defined strategy, but need focus and clarity to improve their success and ensure their continued relevance. Some have a good grasp of the external environment; others have been quite internally focused and lack an understanding of external threats. Some are in highly competitive environments; for others, competition is not a significant concern.

Many organizations really need strategy development instead of (or before) strategic planning. Their top priority should be to discern or refine their mission, values, and overall strategy. It’s not uncommon for organizations to leap into “planning” without adequate focus on these foundational elements. This fosters much of the frustration we’ve all seen in the strategic planning process.

INTJenuity draws from a broad array of strategy development and strategic planning methods and experiences to craft the right approach for your unique situation. This often begins with a Big Picture Workshop to identify what your team already knows, what they don’t, and to clearly define appropriate objectives and scope for your strategic work. This enables us to identify the necessary planning steps to meet your specific objectives and propose a strategic facilitation engagement to meet your needs.

Strategic facilitation engagements typically include some combination of these elements:

  • Reflecting on the organization’s past, and how it relates to the future
  • Visualizing the organization’s future success
  • Defining organizational mission, vision and objectives
  • Defining your Hedgehog Concept
  • Internal analysis (SWOT)
  • External analysis (PEST)
  • Industry analysis (Five Forces)
  • Competitive analysis
  • Core competency and differentiation analysis
  • Strategy formulation (Strategy Diamond)
  • Action planning and commitment
  • Strategy implementation (programs, change management, budget impact)
  • Develop evaluation and control approach

The proper elements are selected based on the objectives, starting point, and scope of the organization. Work on these elements is facilitated through a combination of Big Picture, Deep Dive and hybrid workshops. Where appropriate, INTJenuity compiles the results into a deliverable strategic plan document.

The best strategy is worthless without organizational alignment and commitment to action. INTJenuity’s methods drive the team consensus required to bring your strategy to life.