INTJenuity Facilitation Services

The most expensive part of any meeting? Your team’s time

Want to get the most out of it, and make a lasting impact with your audience?
Use a great facilitator.


We strive to be best in the world at enabling teams to truly collaborate, better and faster. We apply a unique blend of innovative and proven methods, to help teams perform at heightened levels of creativity, collaboration, strategic thinking and commitment to act.

INTJenuity makes your “special” team meetings more collaborative, more effective, and more actionable. We get everyone on the same page, and uncover the underlying pain points, perceptions, expectations and contradictions that are hurdles to success. Our approach builds strong consensus within your team on solutions and actions. As a result, your team will be committed to action and accountable for results.

Our clients use us to plan and lead quarterly meetings, annual kickoffs, and special project meetings with maximum impact and effectiveness. We facilitate “town hall” style meetings and focus groups to fully engage the right stakeholders for success.

FullRoomFor executive teams, boards, and governance groups, INTJenuity plans and facilitates strategy development, strategic planning, and problem solving “offsite” meetings that are focused, effective, efficient and rewarding. We bring decades of strategic planning expertise to design a program to meet your objectives and your unique requirements. We combine our innovative methods with facilitation best practices to ensure your valuable time is well invested, with the outcomes you require.

IMG_1042As an IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator, Paul Penny will apply 30 years of experience and the appropriate best practices to design a customized approach and agenda to meet your specific requirements. For very large meetings, we can engage multiple facilitators to enable several teams to work in parallel.

Contact me today to discuss how I can help your next meeting, be your best meeting ever.

Comments from workshop participants…

The facilitator redefined Excellence. The combination of science and collaboration made this a most effectively executed workshop.

Paul kept a great pace throughout the workshop. He allowed issued to be vetted completely which I felt was important so everyone had a god understanding of the various challenges we all face. His ability to build consensus is excellent.

I thought Paul did an excellent job of guiding us through the process. He kept to his mantra of being a steward of our time. I also thought he did a very good job of letting us guide ourselves to our final conclusions.

Facilitator was excellent! He understood our business like he worked for our company for 15 years like the rest of us. He was able to effectively get us back on track when we had the desire to go down a rabbit hole. He was responsive and helped to pull our group together effectively.

We would not have got the outcomes in an efficient way without Paul’s facilitating.

Paul demonstrated an amazing level of understanding of our business. Moreover, he helped us articulate our own ideas by introducing vocabulary that does not exist in our organization.

Managing a group this big for that long is no small task – Well done!

I was very impressed with Paul’s ability to pull out the essence of a long discussion and express it with some key conclusions. Once he really helped us with an impasse – suggesting an approach that worked.

Paul did a great job facilitating the session. His ability to collect ideas and translate them into defined processes or other related information is impressive.

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