INTJenuity Custom Workshop Enablement

Your customer relationships are your most valuable asset. How do you engage customers in a deeper and more collaborative way, to stand out from the competition and increase your value?

INTJenuity enables your team to deliver unique, impactful customer workshops that help you and your customers succeed, together.

The Trusted Advisor. It’s what most of us aspire to be, in the eyes of our customers.handshake

Developing this level of trust requires a deep level of engagement, and deep understanding of customer needs. INTJenuity’s innovative workshop techniques enable you and your customer to develop strong consensus on issues, opportunities, potential solutions, and actions. And achieve commitment to move to the next step, whatever that may be.

INTJenuity works with your team to understand background, objectives, constraints, and possibilities. Then we design a workshop (or series of workshops), leveraging our innovative methods, to best achieve the objectives. Through tools development, training and mentoring, we enable your team to deliver these workshops at scale. Custom workshops are often accompanied by unique branding, aligned with your company messaging, to differentiate your services and results.

Your customers will view the INTJenuity approach as refreshingly different, and valuable. You will find it enables a deeper engagement with customers, and a quicker path to earning Trusted Advisor status.