INTJenuity Big Picture Workshop

Healthcare_Mindmap_v1Use innovative mind mapping technology and expert facilitation to build intense understanding of the issue at hand, and what to do about it.

The INTJenuity Big Picture Workshop is the first step toward supercharging your strategy, problem solving, process improvement, or innovation initiative. In a one-day workshop, our facilitator will guide your team through a journey of problem definition, deconstruction, introspection, consensus building, envisioning, and action planning. The team sees their ideas and words, captured and organized in real time, on a huge, high definition graphical mind map. This real-time view of details in the context of the “big picture” leads to shared deep understanding of all facets of the challenge: objectives, current state, perceptions, pain points, risks, constraints, opportunities, and appropriate priorities and actions.

The stage is set for the workshop through a pre-workshop consultation and planning process. The facilitator meets with you, discusses the objectives of the workshop, and recommends an optimal scope to achieve the desired outcome. Appropriate participants are identified, and a description of the session is developed to inform and prepare them. Topics in the Big Picture mind map template are fine tuned based on the session objectives and scope.

Following the workshop, a meeting is scheduled to review findings, outcomes and actions. Electronic and large-format hardcopy versions of the Big Picture mind map are provided, as well as a summary presentation. Clients often post the large hardcopy mind map in their office as a tool to drive action and discussion.

Often, clients will elect to use other Big Picture and/or Deep Dive workshops to address actions identified, building on the success and momentum of the initial workshop.