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INTJenuity enables your team to plan, innovate, communicate and solve problems, better and faster, with guaranteed results. Our capabilities and approach are based on 30 years experience, assisting hundreds of clients with strategic IT initiatives.

CIOs and other business leaders use our services to:DEPAcycle

  • Jump-start new strategic initiatives, by getting everyone to see the big picture and reach consensus on how to achieve success.
  • Achieve alignment between the IT team and other business stakeholders, by tearing down communications walls and helping everyone actually “hear” one another, understand different points of view, and align behind a common vision.
  • Repair culture and satisfaction gaps, by building understanding and trust between team members, and building realistic plans for improvement.
  • Break through “log jams” in large projects, sparking new thinking on key issues and charting a path to move forward.
  • Drive collaborative annual planning.
  • Design and deliver strategic off-site meetings with maximum impact.
  • Gather and understand higher quality input from your customers.
  • Spark innovation and outside-the-box thinking.
  • Define and improve business processes, and manage change to enable improvements.
  • Align project “wish lists” with business priorities and constraints, building a plan the team will support.
  • Understand risks, and balance risk mitigation with business opportunities.

INTJenuity does this through our unique and cost-effective team workshops, facilitation and strategy services. We’ve structured our services to be affordable for CIOs with constrained budgets. INTJenuity is a “force multiplier” for your team, and your other consultants.

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Aligned with Your Priorities

SIM’s 2016 Top Ten CIO Concerns sound quite familiar. Here’s how our services align with each of them:

#1 Technology Alignment with the Business

INTJenuity Big Picture Workshops drive a deeper, richer, more open dialogue between IT and business stakeholders, with an appropriately balanced view of the priorities of the business and the realities and responsibilities of IT. We build the foundation for true collaborative partnerships.

#2 Security & Privacy

Specialized workshops focus on identifying the proper balance of risk mitigation vs. business opportunity and agility. This gets everyone on the same page regarding the business’ risk profile, acceptable risk, and resulting constraints.

#3 Speed of IT Delivery and Time-to-Market

It’s all about decisions, priorities, and processes. Driving high-quality, informed decisions about what to deliver, how to prioritize initiatives and features, and optimization of development, delivery, QA and support processes to meet the objectives. Using workshops to understand and optimize these issues in a collaborative, inclusive way sets the team up for more success, with less pain and finger pointing. We enable Agile shops to perform at a higher level, with better communication, and a balance between planning and agility.

#4 Innovation

The most productive creative thinking comes from teams, not individuals. But teams of IT introverts are often not masters of collaborative communication. INTJenuity’s workshop approach provides a framework for fostering innovative thought, communication, prioritization, and action. We can coach your team to apply these methods on an on-going basis.

#5 Business Productivity & Efficiency

Many IT professionals still don’t have a deep understanding of the business they serve. And business stakeholders often lack the patience or approach to grow this understanding in their IT teams. INTJenuity’s workshops build a deeper understanding of the REAL business processes and REAL priorities among all involved stakeholders. We help your analysts and relationship managers do their jobs, better.

#6 IT Value Proposition to the Business

The role of IT is transitioning in many organizations, driven by incremental development, software-as-a-service, and cloud infrastructure. INTJenuity workshops can focus on the changes required within IT (and between IT and the rest of the business) to support and optimize this transformation.

#7 IT Agility & Flexibility

Enabled through several of the items discussed above (#1, #2, #3, #4). Agility and flexibility are functions of IT’s processes, investments, and mindset. INTJenuity workshops can focus on removing the barriers, prioritizing investments, and changing mindsets, where necessary.

#8 IT Cost Reduction & Controls

Focused INTJenuity Deep Dive Workshops identify and prioritize opportunities for cost reduction, identify risks, and plan appropriate controls.

#9 Business Agility & Flexibility

See#1, #5 and #6. Through understanding and aligning with the business, IT can become an innovation partner to the business to enable improved agility and flexibility. Focused Big Picture and Deep Dive workshops with the business can help build coherent priorities across business units and diverse stakeholders.

#10 Business Cost Reduction & Controls

See#1, #5 and #6. By improving understanding of and alignment with the business, IT can enable appropriate business cost reductions & controls.

In a one-day workshop, your team can make more progress on your toughest problems than they may have accomplished in months. Through a series of these workshops, the most complex issues can be deconstructed, and robust strategic and tactical plans can be built. Through our coaching, mentoring and training services, we enable you and your team to continue what we’ve started.  We’re so confident you’ll see immediate value from our process, we guarantee your satisfaction with our services.

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Who We Are

Paul Penny, Principal FacilitatorIMG_1042

Paul Penny is a strategist, facilitator and problem solver with 30 years of broad business and IT consulting experience. Paul has direct experience solving strategy, business process, organizational and technology problems across hundreds of client environments in the government and private sectors.

Paul’s passion is helping organizations of all sizes think and act more strategically, and collaborate more effectively. Paul gets excited every time he sees a team’s “light bulb come on”… that moment of revelation when the team discovers what they’ve been looking for all along, and can start planning to act on this new discovery. Paul loves building teams to solve problems.

Paul is a member of the International Association of Facilitators and an IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator; a member of the ToP Network, trained in ToP facilitation methods; a member of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners; a Certified ITIL Expert in IT Service Management; a DRI Certified Business Continuity Professional; and a member of the IT Service Management Forum.

Paul has deep experience and strong expertise related to:

  • IT Service Management
  • Application Development
  • Requirements Definition
  • Teambuilding and Team Collaboration
  • IT Culture
  • IT / Business Alignment
  • Enterprise Technology Architecture
  • IT Organizational Alignment
  • Service Level Improvements
  • Strategic Planning

In past roles, Paul was Chief Technology and Knowledge Officer at Strategic Technologies, and was Director of Advisory Services at Varrow.

Paul’s building a team of world-class facilitators who share his passion for enabling teams to accomplish more.