Why Team Consensus Matters

 I have quite a few conversations about the role of a facilitator, and participatory leadership. One topic frequently comes up: “Paul, why do you use this word ‘consensus’ all the time, when we’re never going to get everyone to agree? A strong leader’s role is to make decisions and drive a team forward to success, even […]

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The ToP Network: A Facilitation Treasure

I spent January 9-13 at the annual ToP (Technology of Participation) Gathering, held this year at the new and fantastic Wooley’s Classic Suites in Aurora, CO. Approximately 80 facilitation professionals shared best practices, provided training on new methods, and attended to the business of the organization. ToP is a rich collection of facilitation methods and […]

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Strategic Planning: Bane or Boon?

Talk with managers and executives about strategic planning, and you’re likely to get some critical responses: “That’s just dreaming and consultant-speak. We have work to do.” “The last time we did a strategic plan, it was outdated by the time it was complete. We had to react to tactical needs and the plan was never used.” “Strategic […]

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